Arriving to this point

For many years, we have maintained our relations in the United States, in hopes that one day having the ability to overcome both language and distance barriers and find our niche in the global market. We have been fortunate enough to have Nicholas Cammarano join our team as International Liaison. Having Nicholas on board, who has an excellent command of both the English and Italian language, we now have the ability to venture further in creating our international division. Thanks to his assistance and knowledge gained while attending many workshops, Nicholas has been able to identify the needs of the people with different cultural backgrounds.


Oriented to having a global vision and the practical common knowledge in the various branches of law, the firm uses years of experience along with its external collaboration of many professionals working together in synergy.

International Real Estate

In my previous years of experience, I myself have come across many Italian-Americans in need of professional assistance in navigating through real estate issues. This may have come about through the passing of a family, friend or loved one here in Italy. The distribution of property to the heirs of the deceased is governed by internal regulations of the Country. In the event that there is no agreement reached between the heirs, than legal action must be taken within the court system.

Within this complex process, there are documents which need to be translated, legalized and notified under the international conventions. Outside of a judgment, however, there may be some obstacles which need be addressed, such as, debts which may have been passed down from the deceased to his or her heirs. In this instance, it would not be advisable for the heirs to assume inheritance based upon “sic et simpliciter.” The property bequeathed, then can become a liability, and legal assistance may become necessary as well as mandatory for a legitimate transfer.

In many other circumstances affecting the real estate transactions, it may become necessary for the alien heirs to rent or purchase property. The attorney may assist in mediation of such transactions by reviewing all underlying contracts. Working as a collaboration by bridging both American and Italian law firms together, we would be able to meet the needs of our clients on both ends of the spectrum.

Our Location and History

Viterbo is an ancient city in the Lazio region of central Italy. It is approximately 50 miles north of Rome, and it is surrounded by the Monti Cimini and Monti Volsini. The historic center is surrounded by medieval walls, still intact, built in the 11th and 12th centuries. Entrance through the walled city is through ancient gates.

The Firm

The law firm was founded in 1998 within the city wall of Viterbo Renovated in 1989 by my father, who then was an engineer by trade, envisioned all his children working collectively under one roof. Unfortunately, that same year my father passed prior to the completion of his project.

The structure was designed with sleek modern architectural lines, and resembler that of a place where one would go and meditate; having the ability to focus on the needs of the client. We are not your typical “law firm” technical studio, rather than a typical “law office.” We at the FIRM PERUGI & Partners have a deep and heartfelt connection to our office, as we are proud of our fathers legacy.

Alfredo Perugi Attorney at law

I was born in Rome, Italy. I graduated in Jurisprudence from the Roman University “La Sapienza” in 1994. I initially wanted to follow in my father’s foot step which was engineering. I, nevertheless, directed my activities in a different field. My interests led me to civil law with particular concentration in real estate law with focus on the laws governing contracts, building, sales, rentals, merges, condominium, and multiple ownerships. I have grown, due to my association with my foreign partners, in Canada and the USA, my knowledge of international law in respect to private law, individual rights, and commercial ventures. Recently, I furthered my interest for several years, in internet law by following the course of “Master of Specialization” at the School of Economics of Rome.

Francesca Celoni Attorney at law

Born in Viterbo, Italy. Was graduated in Jurisprudence from the Roman University “La Sapienza” in 1997. Mostly involved in family law and proceedings relative to succession and inheritance (judicial and extrajudicial). Francesca assisted with small and medium enterprises (title of credit, judicial remedy, breach of contract, bankruptcy). In 1997 collaborated with the Adiconsum Consumer Association of Rome, an order to analyze the abusive clauses of the administration contract. In 2003 attended courses for specialising in family law at “La Cassa Nazionale Forense”. Worked on diligently on contracts, primarily in Lisbon, with several Italo-Portuguese jurists, with whom extrajudicial collaboration was rendered. Over the past few years, Francesca’s concentration has been directed primarily to family and juvenile law that involves the deeper aspects of human relations. With caution and attention to the best interests of the child, Francesca prefers dealing with cases that are particularly of conflict, enabling her to practice the “art of negotiation.” Peaceful solutions and collaborative practices are her strengths when dealing with her clients. In fact, her patrons generally do not appreciated the firm managing the family’s conflict without finding adequate solutions.

Areas of Practice

• Adoption of national and international • Civil law • Commercial Law • Consumer law • Criminal Law • Family Law • Inheritance Law • Law of the Internet (e-commerce , information technology) • Private International Law • Real Estate Law and Construction ( building , construction, leasing ) • Right of Foreigners • Tax Law

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