June 2021

Italy and the United States have one of the most celebrated relationships that two disparate countries can enjoy. From the 19th and early 20th-Century emigrations to the allied agreement during World War II, Italy and the U.S. have come to see themselves as global partners. With similar values and hopes for their citizens, it is no surprise that such relations are possible. 
The governments and legal institutions provide the foundation for such excellent relations. The citizens of each country, however, are proof that the relationship is mutually beneficial.     
With these principles in mind, The International Division of Studio Legale Perugi-Celoni provides an internship for students living in Italy who have an interest in law, international politics, comparative law, diplomacy and international relations. 
The goal of the program is to foster understanding of the law in Italy and apply that knowledge and compare it to the U.S. legal system. Using historical as well as open cases, both criminal and civil, students will learn both the general outlines and the fascinating particulars of chosen Italian legal cases in order to practice their Italian and gain a deeper understanding of the culture of which they are a part. 
Given that most SYA students begin as novices in Italian, the internship will rely mostly on English at the beginning and increase the use of Italian as the internship progresses. Since Studio Legale Perugi-Celoni collaborates with attorneys and clients in the U.S., a bilingual approach is essential in the International Division.    
Students who want to pursue this internship might simply be interested in exchanging ideas using the context of Italian law. By looking at actual legal cases, students will gain an understanding of the legal, social, economic, civic and environmental structures that make up the profile of society. 
Students will therefore improve their standard Italian and gain knowledge of legal Italian.    
Participants will thereby better understand the concepts of legality, compliance with the laws and common rules in Italy via their understanding of the cases under study. They will gain an understanding of civics, especially as applied to real-world situations and will greatly enhance their time while in Italy.    
This project will be offered early in the year and will continue through the end. It is hoped that the knowledge and relationships could lead to long-term collaboration with future students and legal professionals beyond the SYA semester or year in Italy, as well as other projects the law firm is planning for the future.