Although not all hospitals follow the directions listed below, the legislation is clear and should be respected. Even foreigners who do not have a residence permit have the right to be vaccinated. You can go to any hospital for the issue of the STP (Temporarily Present Foreigners), for which it is not expected to be in possession of the tax code, but only to provide their personal details. This request does not imply any obligation on the part of the health workers to report the irregularity of the foreigner to the responsible authorities. In the FAQ-COVID-19 drawn up by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA), it appears that there are no impediments for foreigners to be vaccinated, even if they do not hold a tax code or  residence permit.


“Recipients of COVID-19 vaccination:

Who is entitled to vaccination?

All persons residing or in any case present in the Italian territory with or without a residence permit or identification documents, including the holders of the STP (Temporarily Present Foreigners) or ENI (Non-Registered European) code, the holders of the numerical Fiscal Code or as many as there are without, holders of an expired health card and who fall within the categories periodically updated by the Vaccination Plan. “

If you want to proceed with vaccination against COVID-19, it is expressly provided that there will be no type of report if the foreigner does not comply with the residence regulations. The aforementioned provision, as regards the city of Viterbo, can be consulted on the ASL website, in the information note for assistance to non-European Union citizens, and not relating to with the rules relating to entry and stay on the national territory.